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New Pallets

Utilizing the best equipment and a highly skilled operations team, our reputation for building quality new pallets is second-to-none.

Used Pallets

Whether it’s grade A or B, our top-notch team will repair all our used pallets to the highest quality industry standards.


Want to pick your pallets up? No problem. Need them delivered? Great. How about leaving a trailer at your facility for the pallets you’d like to discard? Happy to do it. Whatever your needs, we will do all we can to meet them.

Heat Treatment

Ship overseas? In the food industry? Pallet heat-treatment is a requirement with customers like these and many, many others. All HT pallets that leave our facility for yours are stamped, certified, and accompanied with all the required documentation.

Mold Free Solutions

If mold is unacceptable to you or your customers, Ace Pallet can solve your problem. Using PQ-80, a substance approved by the FDA for all food and food related products, your mold issues will become a thing of the past.

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